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We all want to live a life that matters to make a difference in the world we live in. But how do we achieve that?

Gospel rapper, singer, music producer, actor by name Limoblaze Aka Samuel Onwubiko imo Jr , is doing everything he can to bless and impact lives with his art.

His number one inspiration is the word of God , and his ability to use his gift and platform to share the love of God abroad into everyone’s heart.

Further more, in every career, growth should be imminent , so Limoblaze like every other goal getter intends to do great, build a family, preach the gospel and live happily ever after.

” five years from now, I will still be doing ministry , touring the globe , proclaiming the word of God and be happy ” .

More so, aiming for greater heights we often look for quality traits in the ones who have gone ahead of us and make them our role models. Limoblaze in this case, is no exception. He looks up to his dad, his pastor, Le crae, Christiano Ronald, pastor Mike Todd etc.

When it comes to his success formulae, consistency and excellence is key .

” my biggest secret has been excellence and consistency, because I’ve been consistent with everything I’ve been doing. I’ve always tried my best to put out excellent materials and one of the most important key is staying in tune with God. “

Now, the gospel music sector in terms of business and work isn’t all that blissful. There are lots of challenges that sprout out everyday. However, if we can identify them, then maybe we can solve them.

According to limoblaze,

 ” we don’t have an industry, we just have a group of people doing their thing . The problem of segregation, ehmm we doing things only from my church, if you are not from my church etc. It’s a huge problem and no one is talking about it. Also we need more mentors in the field. Some people who have gone ahead of us don’t mentor younger ones “.

Nonetheless, to every problem , there is a solution if we take our time to put things together .

As advice to up and coming artists, limoblaze puts out a few words.

” you have to identify the calling God has placed upon your life and where he’s called you to. One of the major problems of our lives is; everybody is trying to be a Nathaniel Bassey, a sinach , everybody is trying to be other people and not them. God has called those people and they are doing extraordinarily well in their own fields. God doesn’t call in pairs or in groups, he calls individually.

You have been called to a unique assignment. We all don’t have to be a Sinach or a Nathaniel Bassey or a Tim Godfrey , you have to identify what God has called you to and work in line with God’s purpose for your life”.

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Content Creator, poet in the making, communications rep, talent promoter and A lover of God. Loves eating, writing and having songasms …
Content Creator, poet in the making, communications rep, talent promoter and A lover of God. Loves eating, writing and having songasms …
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